Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday at Saltwater Farm

We've had 3 days of sun, temperatures in the 30's and I even worked on a summer painting to celebrate the weather. Finished "Sunday at Saltwater Farm" on Saturday and now its listed on Ebay. It already has a bid. Selling my art on Ebay is so much fun but a little nerve wracking.
My garden seed order is done and now I feel the urge to paint some spring painting with flowers and gardens. Starting one now of a country flower shop. I'm thinking I'll call it "Petunia Philbrook's Pansies and Posies Emporium". Lots of flowers....should be fun!!! Off to paint. By the way, grey and cloudy again today and a big 2 day snow storm starting this afternoon and ending on Thursday morning. So much for sun and fun and the 30's!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dreary Friday in the North Maine Woods

What a grey, dreary day today! As I look out the studio window, I notice that Mount Katahdin has disappeared again obliterated bythe low clouds. Usually I don't let winter get me down but this year we've had record snowfall with storms every week. The snow is piling up even with the windowsills as it drifts around the house. Snow "showers" tonight! the weather report says, less than an inch of accumulation! Thank God as I do not know where we would put anymore of the white stuff. Keeping the road into the homestead has been a lot of work this winter and pushed Bill's old plow truck to its limits. We've gotten snowbound a couple of times so far, requiring a contractor with a big loader to come in and rescue us.

This afternoon I'll sit down to start a new painting. I haven't decided on the subject matter. I've been toying with recreating an older style piece of folk art, trying to paint a historical piece with my own slant. I'll have to dig out a couple of my art history books to get some inspiration. I noticed when I came into the office that Chuckie and CJ (our two mischievious black cat-children) have been playing with my brushes so the first step will be to put them back in order. I can't figure out why they like them so much. Could be the furry bristles seem like real prey or maybe its the fact they spin so nicely on the floor so they can get a lot of action out of them.

Put two new paintings up on Ebay last night. I'm thinking that is the easiest venue for me. I'm tired of the shows, lugging, packing, unpacking. It takes a lot out me now I'm in my 60's. And dealing with the galleries is wearing plus they take such a big commission so for awhile I will try a little direct contact with the buying public. Take a peak .... http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZgrammymouseart

Tonite it's time to dig out the seed catalogs and plan this years garden. I've got to get the seeds ordered so I can start plants in March. It will be a late spring this year with all the snow that we have to get rid of. But tonite I can go to bed dreaming of those luscious ripe tomatoes that we'll have in July.....yummmm!!

Bye for now....keep warm!!!!!!!