Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer at Last

Aaah....summer, what a beautiful time of the year. Other than the fact that my allergies have been raging, life is good! Painting for my new publisher, Penny Lane, is going well. Keeping me busy! Seven of my original paintings were chosen to be displayed in their booth at their biggest trade show of the year, in Las Vegas in September. That's quite a coming out party for Grammy Mouse!!!!

The garden is just growing like crazy. I can't wait for those first ripe garden fresh tomatoes. With all the controversy over salmonella in store bought tomatoes, I am really going to appreciate them this year. The squash plants are almost ready to bloom, and the cukes are already blooming. Gardening here in northern Maine is about 3-4 weeks later than what I experienced in New Hampshire but once things get going they really grow like crazy. The days here are just a wee bit longer so that must have something to do with it.

Our doves have been having babies like crazy. It is really beautiful to see the flock of them fly around the homestead. They are so elegant and dear. We did lose a couple to the bald eagle that nests down near our beaver pond but that is part of nature.

Well I have to get back to painting....stop in again soon. I will try to be more faithful with my blogging.